Second-stage housing

Second-stage, or transitional, housing provides support for women who have left abusive relationships, helping them make plans for independent living.

Armagh House Second-stage housing
Armagh House Second-stage housing

At Armagh, we provide:

  • Safe and affordable, temporary housing, for up to one year
  • Emotional support and ongoing counselling from on-site, qualified staff
  • Practical support, as well as accompaniment, for family/criminal court, including legal information, advocacy and resources
  • Transitional support for up to one year after the women leave Armagh and move into permanent housing
  • Group facilitation on issues such as, but not limited to, living independently, self-esteem, parenting as a single parent, budgeting and other educational programs
  • Our modern, self-sufficient furnished apartments can accommodate nine women and their children. Additional facilities for residents include laundry, a children’s play area, youth room and a computer room with internet access

Armagh House Youth Room

How are women referred?

Women are referred to us from local shelters. Once a unit becomes available, we send a notice of availability to crisis shelters in the Peel Region.