Transitional Supportive Housing

Transitional Supportive Housing provides support for women who have left abusive relationships, helping them make plans for independent living.

Armagh House Second-stage housing
Armagh House Second-stage housing

At Armagh, we provide:

  • Safe and affordable, temporary housing, for an extended period of time
  • Emotional support and ongoing counselling from on-site, qualified staff
  • Practical support, as well as accompaniment, for family/criminal court, including legal information, advocacy and resources
  • Transitional support for up to one year and sometimes beyond after the women leave Armagh and move into permanent housing
  • Group facilitation on issues such as, but not limited to, living independently, self-esteem, parenting as a single parent, budgeting and other educational programs
  • Our modern, self-sufficient furnished apartments can accommodate nine women and their children. Additional facilities for residents include laundry, a children’s play area, youth room and a computer room with internet access

Armagh House Youth Room

How are women referred?

Women come to Armagh through referrals from an emergency shelter or from the Peel Children’s Aid Society Domestic Violence Team.