Board of Directors

Armagh is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who are dedicated to our cause.


Lucy Cameron, President

Cathy Haugrud, Vice President

Joe Horneck, Treasurer

Nina Douglas, Secretary


Paula Bourne

Rob Boyer

Diane Brooks

Lisa Forwell

Kelly O’Neill

Chris Taves

Armagh also employs full-time, qualified staff who are trained in counselling women in vulnerable situations.

A message from our Executive Director, Lynn Ward

When families are torn apart by abuse, their perceptions of trust, responsibility or authority can become confused or difficult. Abuse knows no cultural, economic or educational boundaries. Look around as you travel by bus, shop at the mall, or sit in a restaurant.

You probably know someone who is in an abusive relationship. When a woman finally turns to the community for assistance in escaping abuse, she and her children frequently require professional help to start a new life. Joining in the efforts to stop violence is everybody’s responsibility. Governments, private enterprises, civil society groups, communities and individual citizens can all make essential contributions. Violence does not hurt only the person who has experienced it, it hurts the whole community.

Join our Board

If you’d like to join our Board of Directors please download our application.

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